Streamline your workflow with the most beautifully designed cloud-based practice management software

NaVetor is the industry’s easiest-to-navigate practice management software. Its deeply intuitive design structures your day and your workflow.
Thoughtful design integrates complete electronic medical records, a quick-view dashboard and an on-the-go, customizable appointment calendar. Financial information built in includes payment processing, financial reporting and inventory management. Other necessities for running your practice include reputation management, reminders, texting and more.

Only NaVetor includes a mobile app as well as a pet owner app.
We thought through the details, so you can think through your day, not your software. Contact us to learn more about NaVetor.

Take a deep dive on the NaVetor website 1.833.628.3867
The sea turtle is nature’s best navigator, always finding its way home. It’s the inspiration for NaVetor – the most natural, intuitive way to streamline your workday.
NaVetor makes running your practice like second nature. Its deeply intuitive design structures your day and your workflow with a balance of beauty and intelligence, creating simplicity out of the complex.
Tail HQ pet owner app
Tail HQ is NaVetor software’s app for pet owners, making it easy for clients to request appointments, request refills, access medical records and look up rabies and vaccination records, communicate with clinic via chat, see billing information, upload pet photos and more.
Practice Mobile App
View and modify your schedule and patient information, send messages to staff, view invoices and more from your iPhone.

Online appointment request
Add a widget to your practice website to allow clients to request appointments. It lets pet owners request an appointment type, date/time and doctor and sends the request to the clinic, which can then manage the request. NaVetor does not automatically book the appointment.

Boarding included
There is no additional fee for the boarding functionality within NaVetor.

24/7 support
Pets are sick around the clock. So, our software has support available around the clock as well.

24/7 support to help you do more with less effort

Watch this video to learn about the many ways Patterson Vet offers support when and how you need it. For example, Navetor’s live chat tool gives you quick, convenient access to the support team at the Patterson Technology Center. With our self-paced online courses, you can learn the platform specific to your role in the clinic.