Work smarter with a dynamic, real-time calendar

Client HQ changes a static calendar into a smart calendar to help with more than just scheduling. With Client HQ, easy, immediate communication can help your veterinary practice decrease no-shows, increase compliance and improve interactions through an intuitive, dynamic interface.
Client HQ Smart Calendar simplifies appointment confirmations, compliance on vaccines and prescriptions and increases timeliness and effectiveness of overall client communication. It’s available through Market Hound, our digital desktop application to streamline the business of running your practice.
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Make your calendar work smarter.
Client HQ puts your appointment calendar to work for you. Easily view information about your patients and communicate important information to clients in real time.
The user-friendly interface Patterson is known for.
Client HQ pulls from the best of the industry to present patient and client information in a clean, user-friendly interface. Reporting options are included.
Dynamic communication via email or text directly from your calendar.
Two-way texting and email greatly improve client communication, increasing compliance and decreasing cancellations. You can also maximize services for appointments already on the books. All communication is branded to your practice.
Available only through Patterson Vet’s Market Hound.
Client HQ is available exclusively through Market Hound and includes the unrivaled service and support you’ve come to expect.
Hear from your colleagues about ClientHQ
“Its timing was perfect, although in the middle of a pandemic I didn't think I had the mental energy to think about adding something new to the mix, but it has been SOOOO helpful in decreasing our workload and keeping our phone lines open.  We absolutely love being able to text clients with lab results. 

And this week when we had to go back to curbside we got to use another feature. Through appointments, we sent a canned text to everyone who already had an appointment on the books letting them know that their upcoming appointment would be curbside.

It made a huge difference in not having to have that conversation with every person for the next four weeks when they show up for their appointment and weren't expecting curbside.”

- Dr. Lisa Sell, BestFriends Veterinary Clinic, Albertville, MN 

“It has been SOOOO helpful in decreasing our workload and keeping our phone lines open.”

Dr. Lisa Sell, BestFriends Veterinary Clinic, Albertville, MN