Veterinary Dental Suite Equipment

Offer comprehensive dental care in your veterinary clinic

Oral health is closely tied to overall health. With dental suite equipment offered by Patterson, your practice can offer comprehensive dental care to your patients and peace of mind for their owners. Veterinary dental care continues to advance, and our state-of-the-art solutions always come with training to ensure you’re able to use them efficiently.
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Nobody knows dental like we know dental

Since our founding in 1877, we have led the dental industry for both humans and animals. Nobody has more people, equipment, products and service dedicated to dental health than Patterson Veterinary.
Dental Suite Bundle

Put it all together for a total package

The Olympic dental suite includes your choice of a tabletop dental unit, Patterson anesthesia unit and Olympic table. Customize your suite with countless Olympic table accessories for a seamless workflow. The dental suite can accommodate an AccuWave monitor as well, for an easy addition to the team. It’s a bundle that means better care for staff and patient.

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Making dental care easier

Time-consuming dental procedures can cause physical strain on doctors and staff. The right dental suite configuration keeps tools in close reach to make the process easier. Watch our video to learn more.
Dental Stations

Get the versatility you need from a dental unit

We offer a variety of models including versatile mobile cart veterinary dental systems. Mobile veterinary dental stations can be customized to meet the exact specifications of your veterinary practice.
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Dental Tables

Perform more dental procedures in less time

The right dental table increases efficiency. Look for a table that is also comfortable and that offers good patient presentation for all procedures.
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Dental X-ray

Diagnose more accurately with superior image quality

Our intuitive, innovative options come with expert training and support.

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Get the full picture with NewTom

Dr. Shane Whitaker from Highway 58 Animal Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, describes the advantages of using the NewTom CT for dental imaging.
The NewTom computed tomography (CT) scanner can supplement or replace traditional radiographs. With a CT scan you get full-head imaging, not just the teeth, allowing you to more easily identify dental disease and catch other problems often left unseen, such as nasal tumors.
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Midmark Sensor


Enhance dental care with these resources

Fun facts flyer

View helpful information about pet dental health. Print to display in your lobby or post it to your practice’s social media!

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“I don’t want to lose a finger!”

Learn about the many ways to help pet owners feel comfortable and motivated to brush their pet’s teeth.

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A pioneer in dentistry

Jeanne Perrone is the author of “Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses.”

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Continuing education

Advanced Dentistry Series

Our on-demand continuing education and training subscriptions help your team members grow their career while you grow your practice.

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Strengthen your practice while earning CE credits