Veterinary Dosimetry Badge Support

Helpful information about working with dosimetry badges

Dosimeter badges are an important part of keeping staff members safe as they provide radiation-based patient care. While we’ve tried to make it easy and inexpensive for practices to use these safety tools, we’ve noticed several customer questions that regularly arise. On this page you’ll find information that answers the questions we hear the most.

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Account Management

How to use the online portal to manage your account

In just five minutes, our video can help you learn more about our online portal where you can set up your account, order badges, update wearer information, manage reports and more at
Wearer Information

How to add wearers, change status and update wearer information

Update user info by clicking on the Wearers tab in your account portal. Just under the Add Wearers button is a drop-down menu where you can activate new wearers, update wearer information, or deactivate wearers who no longer require a badge. Watch the Account Management video for more details.

How your account will be billed

Badge costs and billing for your dosimetry monitoring services are consolidated through your Patterson account. Charges can be located on your monthly statement by referencing the PO number, which begins with “RDC.”

Still have questions?

Download our FAQ document to see answers to the most frequently asked inquiries we’ve received from customers.

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Need help? We’re here

With Patterson, a self-service portal doesn’t mean you’re completely on your own. Our industry-leading customer service and support is just a phone call or email away, and they can answer questions about managing your online dosimetry badge account.