Create an online pharmacy with Vetsource Home Delivery

We partner with Vetsource to help you compete in today’s marketplace, run a better business and provide better care by creating your own online pharmacy, complete with AutoShip.
Vetsource serves as a virtual extension of your in-house inventory, allowing you to offer a wide range of medications without the high cost of keeping them on hand. Offer clients the convenience they need with easy online ordering and free shipping on most orders.
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Discover the benefits of Vetsource Home Delivery

Maximize time and space with your own online pharmacy. Vetsource Home Delivery makes it easy to prescribe and deliver medication directly to your clients’ homes. With an inventory of thousands of prescription and OTC medications, preventatives and veterinarian-only pet foods, you can create, prescribe and approve your patients’ prescriptions anywhere, anytime.
Vetsource will free you and your staff from answering calls and approving prescription requests and makes it easier for clients to contact you. With Vetsource online pharmacy, you can repurpose valuable practice space, turning a storage room into something that could generate additional revenue, such as ultrasound or CT. Every prescription goes through a series of safety checks fulfilled by a team of veterinary-trained pharmacists.
We selected Vetsource as a partner because of their straightforward approach. There are no hidden fees and costs are upfront and transparent; Vetsource has no enrollment fee, no monthly service charge and no cancellation fee. Try it today to free up staff time, keep pharmacy revenue in house and increase client compliance.

Vetsource Home Delivery improves compliance

Clients adhere to therapies two to five times more often with Vetsource compliance programs.

Vetsource helps you satisfy client demands

Clients can shop from you 24/7 and save with hundreds of manufacturer rebates and discounts that don’t affect your profit.
Home Delivery satisfaction rating is 91% among pet owners. (Vetsource Pet Owner Customer Satisfaction Survey, April 2019)

Vetsource helps you boost revenue

Grow revenue through healthy profit margins and competitive pricing.

Vetsource services

You can trust who you’re doing business with

Vetsource fees are straightforward, with no hidden costs. Pharmacists are veterinary industry trained.

You maintain complete control over your online pharmacy

Set pricing that maximizes your profitability, choose your product selection and decide how to communicate with your clients.

Easier for clients

Clients rely on home delivery for everything from groceries to medicine. Offer patient prescriptions and products in the way today’s clients expect.