Manage every aspect of your veterinary practice with IntraVet

IntraVet is a complete and comprehensive practice management software that is full-featured, customizable and easy to use. With IntraVet, you can go paperless, integrate lab results and images and use e-records to streamline patient data and your workday. IntraVet is backed by the best service and support team in the industry – from installation to quarterly updates – to keep you always up to date.
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IntraVet is practice management software built off the reliability and feature set of IntraVet Classic, including features like:
Appointment Calendar
Create color-coded appointments, then drag and drop to lengthen or shorten the appointment time. New Visit templates include custom SOAPs for each type of appointment as well as the plan and invoice charges anticipated.

Includes Recall Generator, which helps you find patients who need a dental, who haven’t been spayed or neutered, or to email or send postcard to those who are taking heartworm medicine.

Create boarding reservations, even for multiple cage types at the same time. You can also specify alternate cage types for split reservations. Tasks and release form can be printed on the boarding cage tag for easy reference.

Client Account
Estimates, invoice and account transactions are organized with tabs and buttons, making information more easily accessible. Patient’s current weight can be edited easily. Right-click means quick editing of the patient information and status change.

Control Center
Manage all patient activity and reduce the potential for missed charges from the Control Center. Track drop-offs, outpatient and hospitalized patients. Documents pane for viewing and printing documents including certificates, forms and labels. New announcement, scrolling messages can be added every day. Ready to Invoice status gives your team easy communication for charges that are entered and complete. View all boarding reservations from Control Center, too.

IntraVet has an excellent way to track all your retail and drugs along with pricing. Create purchase orders and submit them electronically through the software, too.

Lab Interface
Request lab tests and download results. Integration with Antech Zoasis, IDEXX VetConnect, Heska or Abaxis.

Time Clock
Employees can clock in and out to easily track hours as well as input job codes to track changes in duties.

Medical History
Attach any image or document to a patient’s medical history. Tabs organize key categories such as labs or prescriptions and can be viewed independently from the rest of the patient’s history. Prepopulated text is available in multiple areas throughout the program. Medical history can be emailed to client or referral clinic with multiple options as to what sections and how much history is sent.