Size: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Brand: Dinbeat
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Dinbeat UNO Full Starter Kit is a cutting-edge, multiparameter harness solution for precise and real-time animal health monitoring.

  • Automatically tracks electrocardiogram, heart rate, breath per minute and temperature
  • Measures activity, position, and barking as additional parameters
  • Can be used during observation processes within the veterinary clinic, as well as a pre- and post-op
  • Device allows for at-home, remote monitoring of patients and it is a useful tool for routine checkups
  • Wireless solution allows veterinarians to monitor their patients‘ health status and how it is evolving without the need for sedation or the manual measurement of parameters
  • Automates several tasks that are currently done by hand every hour onto a handheld device
  • Micro SD memory for offline storage
  • Connect up to 4 UNOs to a single HUB

Size: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Stand: N Disposable: N Sensors Included: Y Battery Type: Rechargeable Printer Included: N Customizable Alarms: Y Contains: 1 HUB, 1 UNO, 1 thermometer, 1 bluetooth antenna, 1 Wi-Fi antenna, 5 harnesses (1 of each: extra small, small, medium, large and extra large) with extenders, 1 Ethernet cable, 1 ECG patch bag, 1 HUB charger, 1 HUB adapter, 1 cable USB UNO, 1 atraumatic forceps and assembling instructions Power Source: Rechargeable battery Reusability: Reusable Product Type: Multiparameter Monitor Brand: Dinbeat